Get Involved in the DRT Focus Groups Project

November 3, 2010

LAFAYETTE - The Greater Lafayette Commerce’s Diversity Roundtable (DRT) is seeking community involvement for a project focusing on gathering information on the perceptions and experiences of the local Black/African American, Latino/Latina and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered/Queer (LGBTQ) communities.

In early 2010, the DRT announced the results of its diversity climate survey, which was developed, administered and analyzed by Purdue faculty associated with the Department of Sociology. As part of that announcement, the DRT stated plans to run a series of focus groups aimed at collecting more information about the attitudes and experiences of the local Black/African American, Latino/Latina, and LGBTQ communities.

The DRT is looking for both leaders and members of these local communities, who are interested in being part of the planning and information-gathering stages of the process. For more information or to get involved, contact .

(In addition to this, and to really get involved, you can put your name on the Willingness to Serve list.)