Diversity Summit V Coverage

March 25, 2011

The fifth Diversity Summit, aimed at building a more inclusive community, was held March 24 at at the Holiday Inn Select (across from Lafayette City Hall), 515 South St., Lafayette.
Click the links to see coverage from WLFI TV, WBAA and the Lafayette Journal and Courier.
This summit was organized and sponsored by the Diversity Roundtable, a committee of Greater Lafayette Commerce.
You can complete the survey for attendees here.

The first summit in 2003 led to the formation of the Diversity Roundtable. The second focused on leadership and led to the creation of the "Willingness to Serve" database now used by community agencies to contact volunteers for leadership positions in their organizations. Summit three focused on diversity in business; summit four, justice.

Read the Diversity Roundtable Timeline (PDF) for a quick history of the summits and Diversity Roundtable accomplishments, including a summary of this summit at the end.